Color Me Bold Vivid Colors


Color Me BOLD is a super-dry powder available in 7 color shades. The color shades available can be used to match any hair color.

Trending colors are STARING Barbee Pink, Aqua Blue, Neon Green, Orange Burst, Copper Moon, Pale Blonde and Ash grey

There’s a new set of hues taking over in the permanent color category, but only one fills the spot for their super-dry powder formulation." Celebrity stylist's claim Cover Me Bold's Vivid bright colors are now available and they’re coming for your hair in a big bold way."

Rock a new look on more than one occasion. From a bright blue to vivid pink, there are so many ways to rock a different color and make it your own. Take a break from your normal light blonde hair to go pink or blue on your hair ends  or add an accent to natural braids, ponytails, full bangs or side bangs! Orange, Pink, Blue or Green is a must! Many Multi-colored choices available

vivd colors to add to your natural hair color to make them bright again!

Make it a  temporary color changer every day by adding Color Me Bold  to any existing color and highlights or change your color from blonde to black just for the fun of it. Start fresh with a new color shade daily, simply sprinkle and tap as a hair filler, root concealer, volume hair booster or double up as a dry shampoo.

Why not be bold and try a new color me bold color every other day, as our product easily washes out in one shampoo. Skip a trip to the salon and give your hair an extra color boost anytime. Color Me Bold is a hair filler, temporary hair color touch-up and color changer from light to Dark and multicolor in between.

Applied on dry hair our formula applies as a super-dry makeup powder that conceals as a root touch up, a temporary colorfast hair solution which conceals roots and  blends into existing hair as a Hair-fill in powder. Fills in thinning hair or adds an instant pop of color with every sprinkle.

Temporary touch up super-dry powder and hair color changer that conceals either permanent trending hair shades like celebrity top models are day butting .Also adds plus 2 as a volume hair builder and dry shampoo.

Application bottle:

Try either our precise sifter bottle, pump sprayer or hairline mascara wand.

Go from a level Blonde shade to pink, brown, black, red, grey, blue... transform your hair color from day to night, be a adventurist on the go. Easily applied in any secret corner that has a mirror.


Boost + Maintain Vivid Color

Simple and easy to apply

Bright vivid colors 

Not sticky or greasy

Advanced binding formulation

No fuss or mess

Colored powder is dry & easily rinsed or just dust with tissue

No color staining accidents

Restore your beautiful color shade of pink or blue in minutes

Precise application for a mess-free finish