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Grey Hair Root Touch Up

Grey & Root Touch Up

Get an instant root touch-up and save yourself the commute to the salon with Grey & Root touch up by Kerathik.

Designed to perfectly blend and cover up hair re growth or greys, Kerathik Grey & Root touch up will provide an instant hair touch up. Touch up covers up roots and re growth quickly and easily – with no mess for perfect results in under a minute. The mascara-like precision applicator puts temporary colour just where you want it allowing for complete strand by strand colour management. The result is natural looking colour, perfect for home, handbag and travel.

Simply apply Grey & Root touch up to any visible roots, starting as close to the scalp as possible. The product is easily washable with one shampoo application, leaving behind no traces.

It’s as simple as that, Beauties!

Why you need it:

Hides the appearance of re growth
Can be applied to dry hair anytime with ease
Water-resistant and never flakes or stains.
Fast, easy, no mess, no fuss
Washes out with shampoo
Suitable for all hair types

What Makes Kerathik Grey & Root touch up Unique?

Grey & Root touch up provides instant, professional formula hair color to grey hair or in-between-color roots. The unique mascara wand applicator is easy to use, precise and provides a cleaner, more natural, application of color where you want it vs. harder to use touch up markers, sticks and flat applicators provided in other touch up products. Natural-looking color stays all day and washes out easily with normal shampooing. Grey & Root touch up is applied to dry hair and can also be used on sideburns, beards and moustaches for quick touch-ups. Available in  black, dark brown and  medium brown for your best hair color match. 


Touch Up Instantly

Hair, Roots, Beard, Eyebrows, Mustache
For Men & Women

Grey hair root touch up

Kerathik Grey & Root Touch Up


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